What is Interior Plant Service?

  • Our weekly maintenance service includes:

    ·   WATERING

    ·   Pruning

    ·   Cleaning




WHY Use plant servicing?

There are many benefits to having plants in your environment but maintaining their upkeep can be yet another thing to add to a busy weekly to-do list. We take the hassle and responsibility out of the equation by showing up and doing the work for you. Plants need special care to survive, each one with its own unique needs. Our experienced technicians are well-versed with what your plants need from space, light, temperature, water, and more.

Plant Colony can transform your commercial and residential spaces by providing trusted, consistent care to your plant’s health and appearance throughout year. Regardless of the type of space or plants, Plant Colony is here to support your needs!

We are here to





Why we are the right choice for you?

We simply operate with the highest standards. Our quality and consistent visits maintain the presentation of your plants. We achieve optimum results with the meticulous attention to detail we place in our service. We take pride in having the highest training standards. Our staff is comprised of trained and expert technicians, whose experience, continuing education, and dedication provides exquisite and consistent results.



Our Client Testimonials support the value that Plant Colony offers.


Check out our portfolio to get a sense of the beautiful plant displays we can create.

Plant Colony has small, medium, & large sized clients throughout Southern California. We remain affordable without compromising the integrity of our service to you in any way. We look forward to answering any questions and helping you on your plant journey.