Steven M

I started using Maz and Plant Colony about 3 years ago. I have an expanding medical practice that has gone from 4 employees and 1 office to 68 employees and 7 offices. Maz has taken over as the plant specialist. He always seems to know what will look best in which spot. I used to argue with Maz about plant and flower selection but he would always get his way (because he is stubborn). I know he was always right because of the tons of raving compliments we receive from patients. I soon learned just to let Maz do whatever he wanted and that is what he is best at. Him and his crew come by regularly to care for, water and feed the plants so that they always look amazing. He reworked the English garden at my house and my friends and family have taken notice and they use him as well. Indoor or outdoor, doesn’t matter, he always gets it right.